Project Profiles

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W1803-22  Wicked Volts

W190302-32.jpg Soft Touch

W190409-40.jpg Wicked Crazy POC

il_570xN.2045437726_bui5.jpg Wicked Splendor – Individual

Splendor.jpg Wicked Splendor – Partner

Goddess.jpg Wicked Goddess Pinup Marketing

W190402-13.jpg Wicked Warmer Pinup Marketing

Circus.jpg Wicked Sideshow

Mess.jpg Wicked Hot Mess

Summer 2018-5.jpg Wicked VayCay Pinup Marketing

Rosie-1.jpg Wicked Women 2020

W193301-21.jpg Wicked Swim

W190426-11.jpg Winter Chill Pinup Marketing

WunderlandQP-1.jpg Wicked Wunderland

Ice.jpg Wicked Ice

Splendor.jpg Wicked Splendor

W190409-40.jpg Wicked Crazy

2019 Projects

9882273154_979ccc1b2d_b Springtime (complete)

Valentines-43  March 2019 Pinup Marketing (complete)

IMG_5516  Wicked Royals (complete)

W17517-118  Wicked Professional Makeup Workshop – March 3, 2019 (complete)

img_4045 Wicked Team Spirit Pinup Marketing (complete)

W17522-(53) Mod Wicked (complete)

W17521-7 Tub Set POC (complete)

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