Tub Set POC – Project Profile

We completed our “tub” set at our studio in 2019 and used this session to test lighting and layout.  Everything was great (and we’ve loved using the tub set!).  Examples from this session below.

Project Name:  
Tub Set POC
Date:  June 2019
Location:  Wicked Studios, Des Moines, IA
Time:  Individual appointment dates and times for each model
Questions:  Email Gretchen

As we continue work on building out our studio in the lower levels of our home, we are test shooting areas as we complete them.  In June we will be ready to test shoot our bathtub/bathroom set.  We will use this set for pinup and boudoir sessions with and without water in the tub.  Our test sessions may include any of those.

For this project we also plan to shoot each model in another area of the studio in a boudoir and/or pinup set.  We will provide hair, makeup and wardrobe.

This project will include nudes and implied nudes.

This is a TFP project.

As always, do not bring guests with you to this event.

Arrive at the shoot showered, with no makeup on and no product in your hair.W190413-5.jpgW190415-9.jpg




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